Working Safely During Covid-19.

It is vital that we all play our part to ensure that the risk of transmitting or catching Covid-19 whilst at work is minimal.  To ensure that, the following rules have been put into place during this period.  We are all expected to follow these rules at all times and respect ourselves and our colleagues.

Starting/Finishing Work

All Staff
Your temperature will be taken during your shift.  If your temperature is high you will be asked to go home.

Factory Staff

  1. The first shift is 06.00 to 16.00
  2. The second shift is 16.30 to 02.30.
  3. When queueing to clock in/out you must stand 2m behind the person in front of you.  Once you have used the clock you are to either use hand sanitizer or wash your hands.
  4. If you arrive for work whilst people are still clocking out, you must wait in the car park, at least 5m from the main door, until all those clocking out and leaving have done so.

Office Staff

  1. Working hours are generally 07.30 to 17.30 but altered hours will be agreed on a person by person basis if applicable.
  2. Do not cross on the stairs.  Wait for the person to come down/up before you use the stairs.

Break Times

Factory Staff

  1. Breaks will be taken on a line by line basis, and not at fixed times to reduce the number of people moving around the factory at the same time. 
  2. The large canteen is to be used on a ‘first come first served’ basis, with only 1 person sat at the end of each table (so a maximum of two people per table).  The maximum number of people that can sit in the large canteen at any one time is 10. 
  3. The kitchen is only to accommodate one person at a time.
  4. The small canteen is to only be used as a kitchen and NOT a sitting area.  Only one person is to use the kitchen at any one time.
  5. Utilise outside areas and your car (with the engine off) for breaks.
  6. Hands are to be washed at the beginning and end of each break.

Office Staff

  1. Breaks are to be staggered, 2 people at a time.
  2. Only 1 person is allowed in the kitchen at any one time.
  3. Utilise outside areas, your desk or your car (with the engine off) for breaks.
  4. Hands are to be washed at the beginning and end of every break.

All staff are encouraged to bring their own drinks and meals to work to prevent the requirement to travel to shops.

Work Areas

Factory Staff

  1. The siting of machinery, jigs etc means that everybody is distanced from their colleagues whilst at work.
  2. If you need to collect or deliver parts to/from another work area, ensure that the handover is carried out at a distance (ie., you collect a pallet of parts whilst your colleague stands back), or if parts are delivered/taken by hand, your colleague stands back to give you room to do this.

Office Staff

  1. The position of active desks are at least 2m away from each other.
  2. When walking through the office please be aware of colleagues and give as much room when walking past desks as possible.

The use of Toilet Facilities

  1. High standards of personal hygiene are to be kept at all times – hands are to be washed thoroughly, facilities not abused and respect given to other users.
  2. Be aware of the number of people using the toilet/washroom facilities at any one time and only enter/use the facilities if space permits.



  1. Internal meetings will only be held face-to-face where all social distancing rules can be observed.  Participants should be at a minimum and the largest room available utilised.
  2. There are to be no physical external meetings held or visitors to site.  Any meetings required with customers or suppliers are to be carried out using phone or other tech.


Deliveries to Site

  1. Wherever possible, delivery drivers are to be encouraged to remain in their vehicles whilst we unload them.
  2. If this is not possible, 2m distance is to be maintained.
  3. Delivery paperwork that requires signing is to be received whilst wearing gloves and either collected from a specific point to avoid contact with the delivery personnel, or at the very least handed over at arm’s length.


Deliveries to Customers

  1. Wherever possible our drivers are to remain in their cabs.
  2. Where unstrapping/securing is required, our drivers are to request that customer personnel allow them the space to do this.
  3. Delivery paperwork is to be passed through the window of the cab if possible to ensure distance, and is to be handled whilst wearing gloves.


Please ensure that these rules are followed at all times to ensure both your, and your colleagues’, safety.

Thank you for your cooperation.