Huge Cost Savings, No Capital Outlay

Huge Cost Savings, No Capital Outlay

Farmers can now lease the popular Spread-a-Bale machine and save themselves over £100/week in straw and labour costs with no capital outlay.

The leasing scheme is being launched at the Pig & Poultry Fair (Stand 301) at Stoneleigh Park on Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th May.

The scheme is being offered by manufacturers’ Thomas Storey Fabrications Group Limited, and will be run be C F Group PLC, and operated through the established Spread-a-Bale dealer network.

It is available to all livestock farmers, but sales manager Tom Robinson believes it will particularly appeal to pig producers, especially those who regularly bed down outdoor pig arcs: 

“This scheme will enable them to set the leasing cost against each individual crop of pigs, so the savings in both straw and labour costs will be readily apparent.

“For a farmer using 1,000 straw bales a year and achieving a typical saving of 30% straw usage and halving the manpower employed bedding down pigs, we estimate that those savings to be around £100/week (£5,200/year). These figures obviously vary according to individual units, and will be significantly higher on bigger ones”.

To this financial benefit should be a range of other advantages, he says: “Spread-a-Bale distributes straw without chopping it, so it makes very little dust which creating an even, long-lasting bed that keeps animals cleaner and healthier for longer.

“This improves the pigs’ living environment, and helps producers satisfy the welfare criteria applied by leading accreditation schemes.

Further practical benefits include the fact that pigs do not have to be moved from the pen before spreading. The machine attaches and detaches to and from the handler/fork lift very quickly, which releases both operator and machine for other work.

“Our new models have a galvanised finish that means they are fully protected against all the corrosion threats they are likely to encounter on pig farms and will provide users with a long, trouble-free working life”.