Spread-a-Bale Offers Double Savings

Spread-a-Bale Offers Double Savings

Financial and time savings combine to make the Spread-a-Bale a popular tool among livestock farmers, says Andrew Dutton, from Cheshire Farm Machinery. 

The company has sold many of the machines over the years, and will display it at the Cheshire County Show, being held at Tabley Showground, near Knutsford, Cheshire on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th June. 

The company will be in its usual prime location right alongside the Main Ring of the Showground, says Andrew: 

“The time saving has two benefits for users. Firstly it cuts the time taken to bed down livestock for several hours if it is done by hand to around 20 minutes with this machine.

“If you are paying for labour that is also a huge cost saving, and releases that labour you are already paying for to do other tasks, while for owner users it frees up a huge amount of time to be deployed on other tasks”.