The Next Generaton of Spread-A-Bale to be Launched

The Next Generaton of Spread-A-Bale to be Launched

Thos Storey gets ready to launch an exciting new version of its award-winning straw spreading machine.

Thos Storey are the sole manufacturer of and hold the exclusive distribution rights for the UK, Eire, Czech Republic and Slovakia for Spread-A-Bale.

Spread-A-Bale is an award-winning straw spreading machine that not only cleanly and efficiently spreads straw for bedding but also saves time and man power; it transforms the job of spreading bedding straw into a mechanical one.

Spread-A-Bale is self loading and can spread straw over animals in their pens meaning that they don't have to be moved. This means that bedding down can be easily become a one-man job.

The machine is easy to use and because it simply spreads straw rather than chopping or blowing it, it significantly reduces dust leading to cleaner, more hygienic bedding material.  Many of our customers reckon they can save 15% - 20% on bedding straw, and appreciate the fact that they can spread straw from outside the pen, which avoids the risks of getting into the pen with livestock.

Thos Storey have reached the end of their first year as licensee’s of Spread-A-Bale and during this time we have been actively seeking continual feedback from Spread-A-Bale customers on how the machines can be improved.

The machines to be launched for the 2014/15 season will see a number of improvements and additions in line with ideas put forward by farmers and dealers.  These include:

  • Rotor torque has been increased to improve bale distribution and reach;
  • A wearplate has been added to the bottom leading edge to give extra protection;
  • The rotor design has been altered to significantly reduce weight so opening up the possibility of the Spread-A-Bale being operated using a lighter weight Loader/Tractor.
  • Surface finish has been reviewed to give an even better look and to be harder wearing.

If you would like any further information about Spread-A-Bale please visit our Spread-A-Bale mini-site at or contact us on 0161 220 3960.