Thos Storey works with EnWorks to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Thos Storey works with EnWorks to Reduce Carbon Footprint

In 2007 Thos. Storey began a fantastic and beneficial journey with ENWORKS, who have worked with us to help reduce our energy consumption and our environmental impact. With a constant emphasis on the reduction of our carbon footprint, Thos. Storey has seen a massive reduction in costs within the specific areas that we have focussed on.

What have we done so far?

We began our journey by replacing our fixed speed drive air compressor with a variable speed unit which has resulted in an improved overall working efficiency, a cleaner operational environment and a saving so far of around £4,000 as well as a reduction of 39 tonnes Co2e each year.

With careful analysis and site capacity reduction our Electricity supply has reduced by 36% at a gain to ourselves of £5,000. We managed to cut our gas supply cost by 23%, which is around 170 tonnes of Co2e and a saving of £24,000.

We changed our waste contractor to specialist companies that not only reduced our overall cost but whom ensures that none of our waste goes to landfill, even our non-recyclable waste gets transferred to an energy-from-waste facility.

Recently on the production floor, we have swapped our high bay lights with more energy efficient LEDs; which has provided better lighting and has already saved us 34 tonnes Co2e and £6,000.

We will continue to work with ENWORKS who have provided new ideas and practical advice on ways that will save both energy and money. If reducing your own carbon footprint is something you are interested in, Please see our case study at the link below.