Thos Storey Fabrications is continuing its policy of continual improvement to its Spread-a-Bale straw spreading machine, making a number of changes that will improve performance of the 2015/16 models.

The machine’s spreading rotors now feature a re-styled base that will protect them against the threat of long straw “wrapping” around the rotor and stalling the machine:

 â€œThis is an important benefit because the Spread-a-Bale is the only machine that can spread full length bedding straw right across livestock pens without chopping it”, says Tom Robinson, UK Sales Manager.

 â€œWhole straw makes a more hygenic and longer-lasting bed that helps ensure animal health, while spreading straw entire rather than chopping it greatly reduces dust levels, which further enhances livestock health”.

The company is also fitting an improved hydraulic valve that enables the machine to be used with a wider range of tractors and loaders.

The more efficient hydraulic performance will enable the machine to maintain more effective straw spreading while using lower working speeds -  typically 580 rpm rather than the 680 rpm of the older models”, says Tom.

Thos Storey is also introducing the option of steel housing bearings for its galvanised machines, which offer improved access to the service points.

The final change is that the replaceable leading wear strip which protects the floor of the machine will now be welded in place following ‘on-farm tests’ which proved this ensures longer working life.