Scottish Success For The Thos Storey Award

Scottish Success For The Thos Storey Award

We’re sure it has absolutely no relevance to the referendum – but the winner of the Five Year Holstein in Milk class at the UK Dairy Day, which was sponsored by Thos Storey Ltd, was from Scotland!

Meiklefirth Plaid Lutske, an April 2009 born cow from David Yates’ Meiklefirth herd run at Haugh of Urr, Castle Douglas, Dumfries & Galloway, won a truly international nine-strong class which contained one other Scottish animal and three from Wales.

The UK Dairy Day, held on 17 September 2014 in the slot vacated by the old European Dairy Event, attracted a crowd that filled the Telford International Centre. Audience reaction was broadly positive, and we look forward to seeing how the event develops in future years.

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