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Quality Policy

The Directors and Management of Thomas Storey Fabrications Group Ltd are committed to being the trusted partner of our customers, who shall return time and again for a cost effective quality product.

revision 5, 11/12/08

Our quality policy is to achieve this by operating a quality system that conforms to ISO 9001:2008, as a minimum.

The company will ensure that all personnel understand the importance of the company Quality management system, plus the need to conform to the customer’s requirements. Additionally personnel will be encouraged to seek to improve everything they do.

The company relies for its success upon,

  • The customer needs being determined and converted into requirements.
  •  Establishing measurable quality objectives at each relevant function within the organisation.
  • The development and utilisation of our workers abilities, skills and enthusiasm.
  • The continual monitoring of our process performance through product conformance analysis.
  • The continued application of continual improvement in all its processes.

Adherence to these principles will assure,

  • The generation of adequate profits for future investment.

Executive Management shall review the performance of the Quality system during regular Management review.

The requirements of the Quality management system will be documented within the Quality Manual and supporting documents.

The systems and instructions in these documents are mandatory for all personnel within Thos. Storey Fabrications Ltd.

Fred Ellis                                                                                         

John Huggins
Managing Director