Thomas Storey is focussed on the design for manufacture, production and finish of fuel and hydraulic tanks. At its facility in Manchester you will find patented technology to ensure that the tanks we manufacture can be assured leak free with internal cleanliness greater than any minimum standards.

When you visit the factory you’re welcome to tour the Tank Lab where state-of-the-art tech is being used to ensure that every tank we manufacture is uniformly produced and finished.

About Thos Storey

Diesel & Hydraulic Tanks

Thomas Storey has worked with companies such as JCB, Thwaites, Volvo, Dennis Eagle and Nifty Lift for many years to become one of the leading diesel and hydraulic oil tank manufacturers in the UK.

Our production line is set up in accordance with Lean principles to allow for smooth product flow and a reduction in all types of waste including time and movement thus resulting in an efficient and cost effective solution for our Customers.

Our patent-pending leak detection and cleanliness testing systems mean that that tanks can be guaranteed leak-free and clean.

Our facilities allow us to wash, A-Grade pre-treat, powder coat and fit-out tanks, enabling us to deliver to customers line-side on a just-in-time basis.