Mission and Vision

Company Vision

To be recognized by all our customers and within our industry as a leading and innovative supplier with outstanding customer service.

Mission Statement

The Company will strive to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations, with empowered and invested team members, using effective and reliable equipment, in a safe manner, utilizing the most environmentally efficient techniques, supporting continuous verification and improvement of products and processes to the minimum of the customers’ highest expectations.


Our values can be summed us as ‘Electric Pi’:

  • Expertise- Bring skill and knowledge to all activities and apply continuous improvement activities
  • Lean-  Strive for lean working and value-added activities
  • Environment- To reduce our consumption of resources at every opportunity.
  • Customer Focused- Customer expectations are our minimum
  • Team-Spirited- Have a partnership approach and attitude to customers, suppliers and TSFG team members
  • Responsible- Drive a safe and ethical working culture
  • Interactive- Effective and clear exchange of communication with all parties
  • Care- Supportive of all
  • Professionalism- Be approachable and respectful at every level
  • Innovative- Think innovatively and creatively


Finishing & Assembly Techniques


We will ensure that our Management System is at a minimum aligned with our customers’ requirements and is ISO9001 certified.

We will comply with all statutory regulations and standards as well as our customers’ requirements.

We train and educate our employees to make good decisions, considering both our customers’ and TSFG’s best interests. 

We monitor our processes, products and customer feedback to ensure compliance, good service and to identify improvement.

We will communicate with all stakeholders to ensure team-working and understanding by all.