R.E.A.Ch Policy Statement


This document sets out Thomas Storey Fabrications Group Ltd current policy regarding the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, EC1907/2006 legislation and its subsequent amendments (Regulation (EU) No 895/2014) and the process that the company undertakes to ensure the fulfilment of our obligations.
TSFG is a Designer, Manufacturer and Distributor of steel fabrication for the earth moving, specialist vehicle and agricultural sectors. We do not manufacture or import any given substance.  Any chemicals or substances that we do use are only used in the way intended or expected, and therefore we regard ourselves as a downstream user only.  As such we have no requirement to register chemicals with the ECHA.  However, we do keep an up to date log of the chemicals used on site and where on site they are used. 

TSFG ensures that its operations take into account the possible impacts on the environment and is environmentally conscious when making all its business decisions.

  • Ensuring compliance with relevant environmental legislation and other environmental requirements as a minimum level of performance.
  • Where possible preventing pollution and minimising emissions and waste.
  • Reducing the use of all raw materials, energy and supplies through the use of waste minimisation and recycling activities.
  • Raising awareness and encouraging participation by training employees in environmental matters.
  • Using minimum packaging of its products - a high proportion being sold without packaging. Where used, packaging is recyclable, for preservation of product during transportation.

Our target is to reduce our relative carbon footprint by 5% year on year and we will do this by maximising efficiency through continual monitoring, maximising the efficiency of our equipment and putting actions into place to help achieve our goals.
With REACh we aim to reduce the use of and risk from hazardous chemicals, where safer alternatives are available we aim to include these within our working procedures. With all substances we use we will carry out regular COSHH risk assessments and obtain Supplier data sheets. Any new chemicals we will consider prior to purchase to see if any safer alternatives are available.